Girbau UK Launches Under Counter Washer and Dryer Models

Well known for its robust commercial and industrial laundry equipment, Girbau UK has launched its first professional grade Under Counter washers and dryers that fit underneath standard 900mm height counters. Both machines combine energy efficiency, ease of use and compact size with high quality, durable construction making them ideal for a wide range of applications including veterinary and animal care.

The new Under Counter washer’s strong stainless steel Active Drum™ design has hourglass lifters that guide loads to gentler central areas for better load balance and reduced wear on delicate items. A 180-degree opening door makes the machine easier to load and unload from a basket. It is available with a choice of 6kg or 8kg capacity with either a pump or gravity drain.

Quiet long-life operation is assured thanks to the washer’s sturdy Quattro™ construction with durable shock absorbers that allow virtually vibration-free high-speed spinning. Rather than cheap concrete counterweights, the washer features cast iron stabilisers for higher spin speeds, better water extraction and increased spin efficiency.

The washer features an easy-to-use liquid crystal display user interface. It features 28 flexible programs, three of which are customisable, as well as disinfection, mop, microfibre and allergy settings. It also comes with in-built service diagnostics. The delayed start function can be used to plan ahead and set machines to run off-peak to optimise use of cheaper energy tariffs.

The new Under Counter dryer can also be stacked on top of the washer to save floor space. The 6kg capacity model is available in both condenser and vented versions and the 8kg capacity model is vented. The Sensi Dry system automatically determines the right drying time, saving energy and assuring fabric care. Its convenient auto programs save energy as the running time is automatically adjusted according to load size and the required dryness.

Butterfly drying ™ tumbling in a figure of eight movement, non-stop in one direction stops clothes from bundling and ensures long life durability of the motor and belt. The efficient lint filter has an automatic indicator to remind users to clean it for optimum energy efficiency and safety.

The dryer’s memory function remembers the last program used including any chosen settings, so if nothing needs to change, you can simply press start for the next load.

The new Girbau under counter washer and dryer are now available to order from Girbau UK.


As we all know, the fad of designer breeds is in no way going to decrease. And as more and more people bring home a dog that is not purebred, the issue with skin disorders will not go away.

Skin disorders are a major challenge for everyday groomers. The most common issues reported by veterinarians include folliculitis, seborrhea, atopic dermatitis and sebaceous adenitis. These skin conditions can contribute to poor coat health, irritation, and hair loss. It is important to note that although these are skin conditions, they will affect the entire body including the coat, ears, and feet.

But as a groomer, how do you recognise a skin disorder, and best of all how do you work with the owner to achieve a better life for the dog?

Groomers carry a great deal of responsibility for their clients' pets. It is important to understand that skin is the pet's largest organ, so what you use and how you use it can either prevent or cause dry skin. An imbalance in the skin--what we refer to as 'atopy'--can cause itchy skin and excessive oil production. So, it's very important to get yourself familiarized with shampoo ingredients, and atopic disorders that cause skin disorders, because every product you put on a pet should be able to give something back to the skin that helps normalise the barrier.

With so much information and products readily available to you as a groomer, it is important that you research the information and the right products carefully.

The New iPET Network Level 3 Award in Promotion of Canine Skin, Hair and Nail Health has been developed with the pet professional in mind. It provides the underpinning knowledge and understanding of the tools, methods and techniques used to keep the skin, hair, and nails of dogs in optimum condition. This course will enable you to gain an understanding of the importance of canine skin care; learn how to assess a dog's body condition; understand pain in dogs (and its causes); be able to recognise abnormal/disorders skin lesions; understand disease processes affecting the skin, hair, and nails; and more.

Paula Bryan, Managing Director of Clipit Grooming is delivering this online course to enable candidates to develop knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of canine hair and skin, to discuss and recognise to know when to recommend a client seeks veterinary advice, and to provide advice to owners on grooming, maintaining coat quality and condition.

This online course is available via Clipit Grooming and can be found by using this link 


The team behind Be:Loved, Carina, Nick and Andrew, give us a rundown of what they can offer you!

We are always working hard to create new natural products to benefit you and your pet’s day-to-day lifestyles.

We won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise building an international pet care business, and Carina has been a leader in the industry for over 16 years. Carina loves horse riding, and her young family keep horses, dogs and chickens. She and her business partners are from farming families in Dorset, Wales and Australia.

We have inherited not only a love of animals, but a healthy respect and practical care for working animals and domesticated pets that pet parents truly appreciate.

The Be:Loved Tale

The inspiration for Be:Loved was an old family heirloom: a farmhouse animal husbandry care book.

Carina’s family used to create cures for their stock using nothing but the hedgerows and nature’s harvest.

They compiled a treasure chest of recipes from soaps and shampoos to help farmers clean grubby hands and paws, to moisturising balms for callouses - and absolutely everything was natural.

We used and reimagined these recipes for our four-legged friends and have an effective and luxurious range of products to help care for and delight pets and pet parents alike.

Together you’re two-of-a-kind. Show that you care with all-natural, handmade products that help pets to be clean, protected and best of all, be pampered.

The current Be:Loved range consists of the Be:Set, Be:Calm, Be:Clean, Be:Bugfree, Be:Vegan, Be:Silky, Be:Pure and Be:Fresh.

There is also a range of balms, Be:Soft, Be:Safe, Be:SunSafe.

Our range of balms has individual benefits for pets and parents alike. Sun cream with a protection factor safe for pets, first aid that helps heal cracked, broken skin and soothing balms to gently prevent and cure rough or damaged skin. All hand-poured with natural ingredients that start to work straight away.

To find out more, get in touch by dialing +44 (0)1628 822247, e-mailing and visiting @belovedpetz on Instagram.

Take A Load Off

A safe space to pop your feet up, offload, and have a chat.

Lister have teamed up with parent company Wahl to create a pop-up barbershop at The Royal
Highland Show to help raise awareness around mental health in agriculture.
Take a load off. A safe space to pop your feet up, offload, and have a chat. Mental health in the
agricultural industry is something that doesn’t get talked about enough. With 92% of UK farmers
under the age of 40 ranking their mental health as being poor, it is a hidden problem that we need to
talk about.
The pop-up barbershop will be open from Friday the 23
rd to Sunday the 25th near the Shearing
Pavilion at The Royal Highland Show. Providing visitors with the opportunity to get a fresh hair cut by
a professional barber, the campaign will be raising money for The DPJ Foundation and the RSABI,
both mental health charities within the agricultural industry.

Attracting over 190,000 visitors each year, this year’s Royal Highland Show will be hosting the
Shearing World Championships, seeing shearers and enthusiasts travelling from all around the world
to support the competition. Creating this safe space at the event is crucial for those who may want to
take a moment to relax and just chat in a safe space.
Martin Booth, Head of Sales and Commercial at Lister, said, "Partnering up with Wahl and offering a
service, such as barbering, that can sometimes be difficult to arrange when travelling and working
long hours is an important step in our mission to supporting mental health within agriculture. It is
vital to raise awareness on this issue the industry is facing and ensure individuals who work in the
rural community get access to the support and resources available.”
Lloyd Rees, shearer and Lister ambassador, said, “Many people working in farming and agriculture
often feel isolated and distanced from the wider communities. This can have a big impact on their
mental health, and without the proper resources and support to hand, can often spiral into
something bigger”.
Kate Miles, Charity Manager of the DPJ Foundation, said, “We are really pleased and grateful that
Lister have taken the lead with the Take a Load Off initiative to provide an opportunity to promote
good mental health in agriculture, the power of taking time and talking. The eyes of the shearing
world will be on the Golden Shears so it’s a brilliant chance to raise awareness.”

G4S Cash360™: Intelligent cash technology for your business

Managing a business means juggling many things at once, and managing your cash is no different. Typically, this takes time, money and energy. Cash360is a technology-led, managed cash solution that addresses these challenges.
Save time and money whilst doing your bit for the planet
Cash360means significant benefits for your business, customers and others:

Money saving: Once your money is inserted into a smart safe, it’s validated, counted, ready for reconciliation and won’t be touched again until it’s collected by a security-vetted driver.                                                             

Improve control: Your cash is visible to you 24/7 via a self-service portal, and as it’s indemnified by the world’s leading security company G4S, you can have peace-of-mind that it’s always secure.

Reduce Waste: The smart safe knows how much cash it’s holding and schedules collections only when needed which reduces the vehicle emissions and one-time plastic associated with banking your cash. 

Your business, customers…and your accountants will be delighted with the results.

Commerce continues to change
Retail is constantly changing. Consumer expectations and behaviour are shaped by so many variables, ranging from social media, emphasis on healthy eating, to the increasing cost of everyday items.

In terms of money, retailers are in the front line of change, having to respond to the increased use of contactless payments via a myriad of devices and schemes, continuous security threats at point-of-sale and, most recently, a resurgence in cash usage in response to the cost of living crisis.

It is clear that retailers need to constantly review and adapt their approach to cash and payments management, from front to middle and back office. While cash usage has decreased, it’s not going away anytime soon and is forecasted to be the second most frequently used payment method in the UK for the foreseeable future.

G4S Intelligent cash management, collections and processing
In an age of constant change in the world of commerce, G4S is the only company that provides a full end-to-end cash and payments management solution. With security at the core of its purpose, Cash360provides business owners and managers with the means to save time and money in cash management.

Cash360is the secure and integrated cash management solution from G4S. If your business accepts cash, you are likely spending a lot of extra money throughout the year on managing it. Cash360reduces these costs and gives time back to the business, while improving security and cashflow.

The Cash360service involves the installation of an internet enabled smart safe connected to the G4S data platform. As cash is inserted at point-of-sale or in the back office, it’s validated and you have real-time visibility through your own self-service portal.
Plus, subject to your Bank’s approval, the cash can be credited to your bank account on the same day, while the money is still on site.

When the safe hits a predetermined limit, G4S automatically collects the money, so you don’t have to plan for or worry about having to cancel unwanted collections.

As the cash is not handled once in the safe, it eliminates errors and potential losses. As the reconciled cash is recorded accurately, your accounts are always correct and fully up to date.

The combination of intelligent cash management, collections and cash processing delivers an optimum solution for your business.

Let cash work for you with Cash360- visit, and search ‘Cash360’.

Groomers of the Month: Emma Darlington

Emma is a professional dog groomer based in Nantwich, Cheshire UK and recently credited “Asian Fusion Groomer Of The Year 2022”.

Hi Emma. What can you tell me about your business?

I’m a self-employed, competitive dog groomer and I’ve been grooming for nine years! I specialise in Asian Fusion Styling and Teddy Bear styles, focusing on a beautiful scissor finish, cute expressions and angulation. I love working with puppies and ensuring they have a positive experience from the very start of their grooming journey.

I had my own salon for five years however recently have taken a step back and now rent a table within another salon, which I’m very happy with! Alongside working in the salon I also offer training days for other groomers who wish to learn Asian Fusion styling or any other pet styles they might need some extra help with.

My true passion comes from teaching and helping other groomers. I love to encourage new groomers and help them find their feet within this industry.

I also try to attend all competitions across the UK throughout the year. I have competed for seven years and, ever since, I found a completely new love for dog grooming.

I found that there was more to everyday styles and I completely fell in love with competition grooming. My favourite part of competitions is meeting up with my friends who live on the other side of the country!

I have won many 1st place awards in the Asian Fusion classes at champion level, as well as Workshop, also at champion level. I’ve also won Best in Show and Reserve Best in show in 2022.

In 2022 I began hosting and being invited to hold seminars, including The International Grooming Conference! I enjoy teaching groomers how to achieve the “Asian fusion” style but make it adaptable for the commercial grooming salon.

Asian fusion grooming also known as “Asian freestyle” is a unique style that originated in Asia. We aim to create cute styles on dogs that give them a toy, cartoon character or teddy bear look. The popularity of this style has grown massively over the years in the UK. Typically, we like to see a round doughnut muzzle, exaggerated flared legs large expressive eyes.

Customers travel hours to come to visit me for an Asian Fusion groom! Many of my clients have found me through Instagram and will ask for a specific cut after seeing it on my feed. A momentous time in my career was a new client showed me an example of how they’d like their dog to look from a Google image – and the image belonged to me!

This year I have achieved many goals I only dreamt of reaching such as speaking at the International Grooming Conference and winning a Best In Show at a grooming competition! My new goals include competing overseas, continuing to be an educator within the industry and one day becoming a judge at a competition.

What can you tell me about being awarded Asian Fusion Groomer of the Year 2022?

It came as a complete surprise to me. I was nominated amongst women who inspire me and winning the title was something I thought I could have only dreamt of.

It was a very emotional moment for me – I put so much of myself into my grooming work and to be recognised for all that means the world to me. It isn’t handed to you on a plate, you have to work for it and work hard. I’m proof that if you can do that, you can achieve your dreams.

What advice would you like to give to our readers about the grooming industry?

Get yourself out there and compete! It was the best thing I ever did for myself and my career! I’ve made the best of friends and built the biggest support network and my grooming has improved immensely.

Never go with the mindset of “losing” or “winning”. You only need to beat your last groom, if you do that then you’re already a winner. You have nothing to lose but you will gain so much!

Any general thoughts you’d like to share?

This is an industry where we should be lifting each other up and supporting each other. I will always cheer on my friends, even if they beat me at a competition!

I struggle with anxiety and “imposter syndrome”. I think a lot of groomers struggle, which is why we decided to work with animals. However, no one tells you how hard grooming can be until you’re in the thick of it. I have experienced ‘groomer burnout’ and it is tough!

Be kind to yourself, give yourself lunch breaks, find yourself some groomer friends to be able to rant, laugh and cry with and remember it’s okay to say “no” to customers. It may take some time but eventually, you will have clients who respect you, trust you and value your time.

Comparison is the thief of joy – stop comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself. This is your journey! Run your own race and focus on your own goals.

Practice your passion!

Follow @Emmarose_petstyling on Instagram and TikTok and search “Emma Rose Pet Styling” on Facebook.

Rachel Bean Monthly: Traffic accident first aid

Firstly Happy New Year! I think 2022 was the year that things really started to get back to normal a bit in terms of getting out and about. And while there are of course challenges for our businesses going into 2023, I do think that we have a lot to look forward to. - Rachel

Personally, 2022 seems to have flown by, and I have loved getting out to give my Canine First Aid workshops all around the country, and meeting so many new people who are as passionate about animal welfare as I am.

I also co-run a business called Vet on Set, which provides qualified veterinary support to film sets where animals are going to be present. As the film industry gets back to normal, it has been wonderful to see how seriously animal safety is taken in the making of our favourite programmes and being part of that.

So 2023, it's that 'New Year New Me' moment isn't it? And my appeal this January is for anyone who has not yet got their iPET Network canine first aid qualification to get booked in.

Not only does it give you a level of protection where clients are concerned, but it will also help you act safely and calmly should the worst happen, and everyone deserves to feel that way!

Since writing the course I've heard from so many people who not only have saved lives in their places of work but have also saved the lives of their own pets too.

People like dog walker Sammy Feehan, who thanks to her training knew exactly what to do when her beloved childhood pet Georgie suffered a seizure.

Sammy said: "Because of the training I was able to care for him all the way to the vet’s, remembering what Rachel told us, and after some medication and oxygen at the surgery he has rallied around!

"It was such a shock, and I still can't believe that it has happened, but I am so grateful that  I knew what to do. My instincts just kicked in, but afterwards, I realised just how scary it really was and what could have happened.

"For the first three nights after it happened I slept on the floor with him to make sure that he was alright through the night.

"I think it is so important that pet professionals get this training."

This month's canine first aid tip is a bit different to usual, but nevertheless very important, particularly for those of us who have a town centre premises.

What to do when a dog has been involved in a road traffic accident....

Road Traffic Accident

Approach an injured dog carefully and watch for dangers on the road.

Be careful not to aggravate any injuries. It is critical that any bleeding is stopped as a priority, use your hands initially to do this.

Then transport the dog using a blanket or coat to a vehicle and then to the vet.

Monitor the dog for breathing and if the heart is beating. You may have to start CPR.

To find out more about Rachel Bean, and the iPET Network's canine first aid qualification go to

Dental Care: Open wide

We speak with Anastasia Waugh, The Dog Tooth Fairy, who tells us all about the world of pets’ dental hygiene.

Anastasia Waugh is an independent Emmi-pet distributor and online Zoom training provider. She has worked for over 26 years in the pet-care industry in a range of different areas various veterinary practices, boarding kennels and even a zoo.

Anastasia worked for many years as a college lecturer teaching Animal Welfare and Management at a land-based college where she also taught dog grooming and managed the college’s busy grooming salon. She then used her skills to create a successful dog grooming business in her local town.

Anastasia has a real passion for animal health and welfare, dental health in particular. For the past four years, Anastasia has spent focussing on ultrasonic Emmi-pet teeth cleaning with dogs in her own grooming salon and seeing some great results. Since becoming a mother in 2020 and Anastasia passed her salon onto her employee so she can work more flexibly around motherhood and pursue her passion for canine dental health.

Anastasia’s advice:

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems experienced by dogs and cats in the UK today. Although awareness of pets' dental health has increased massively over the past few years with the growing surge in pet ownership since the lockdown, it is still sadly overlooked by some pet owners.

Despite all of this raised awareness around pet dental health actual cases of pets suffering dental health disease is in fact on the rise. 80% of dogs have some form of dental health disease by the age of three, this is a major problem for our pets which is often exacerbated by ingredients commercial diets and also a lack of regular preventative dental care.

I have been involved with pets’ dental hygiene for many years, working in a number of veterinary practices where I assisted with dental ops and experienced first-hand the level of dental neglect in some clients, and the severity of dental deterioration. Some dogs would need so many teeth removed and they would be so young. It was really sad to see.

This was also echoed during the years I spent running my own dog grooming salon, where a large proportion of my clients had at least some form of dental health deterioration. The worst case of dental neglect I witnessed was one of my dog clients. Whilst my assistant was bathing her and scrubbing the dog’s muzzle, her decayed molar tooth had fallen out in the bath!

Seeing some of my clients’ dental conditions whilst grooming, I wanted to be able to help keep my clients’ teeth clean and prevent their teeth from getting to the point where they were in so much pain and discomfort.

It was a few years ago at a grooming show I had seen a new innovative ultrasonic toothbrush for pets which helped prevent dental disease while reducing plaque and tartar build-up.

The product was Emmi-pet from Germany. I invested in my first toothbrush and started using it both on my own dogs and also dog grooming clients’ pets’ teeth. I was getting some amazing results and my clients were very satisfied with the new service.

I felt much better as I was finally able to help my clients’ dogs with a simple, non-invasive stress-free tooth cleaning treatment. In my 26 years of working within the pet care industry, I have never seen such a revolutionary product for pets’ dental health.

Emmi-pet works completely silently, 12mm beneath the gum line, using ultrasonic waves to remove all bacteria and impurities, reducing plaque tartar and bad breath whilst increasing circulation and promoting overall gum health.

Dental disease can lead to serious health complications such as heart, kidney and liver failure in extreme cases. I believe, as groomers, we absolutely have a duty of care to our clients and to educate our owners about the importance of pet dental health.

Prevention is always better than curing and, if dental disease can be avoided, then this is a positive thing. With pet dental health month just around the corner next month, there never has been a better time to share this important message.

This could be done via social media posts, leaflets, newsletters and a dental display area within the business premises which is educational and informative, highlighting any products and services you offer for dental care.

Groomers can advise clients about more natural diets and chews that will help the reduction of plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth. Stress the importance of setting up a regular dental care/brushing routine at home from puppyhood and beyond.

You may want to stock some dental care products in your salon. Supplements such as PlaqueoOff Powder and Orozyme Gel as well as natural chews buffalo horns etc.

You may also wish to offer ultrasonic teeth cleaning as an additional service to your grooming business. It’s easy to implement, your clients will love it and it’s a great extra income generator.

It's always important to let your client know if the dog should visit a vet about its dental health. As groomers, it is not our job to diagnose any specific health issues, but when health checking our clients we have a duty of care for the dogs’ health and wellbeing, to inform owners of any health issues we may find and let them know when a visit to the vets would be advisable. Sadly, many owners never actually check in their pets’ mouths or recognise when there is an issue.

The sooner you can implement a dental care routine the better, and this could be introduced with a salon puppy package. Early implementation of dental care either in the home, the salon or both will ensure that plaque and tartar never become established in the first place. Preventative treatment will help avoid costly invasive veterinary dental procedures later down the line.

Clients really appreciate it when you are concerned for their dogs’ well-being and go that extra mile to accommodate their overall dental and health needs by advising on disease prevention.

Because oral health is such a common problem in dogs that is easily preventable, it makes sense for groomers who see dogs regularly to check dogs during these sessions and advise on dental care options available for the dog. Offering extra services such as teeth cleaning will actually broaden a business's client base, as you may get clients booking in for teeth cleaning that would never have booked in for a groom otherwise.

It's important to feel confident about talking about oral health with clients, especially if thinking of offering a teeth cleaning service. I would advise doing a course with a training provider either in person or online.

Completing a training course will give you the confidence to be able to recognise various dental health issues and when veterinary advice should be sought. It will also help you with knowing how to have conversations with your clients about dental health and educating them, as well as knowing how to advertise, market and price your service, also helping you to achieve great results.

With 13 million dogs and 12 Million cats in the UK now, there really has never been a better time to start having important discussions with your clients about their pets’ dental health. We all have the power to change the statistics around pets’ dental health and improve the overall health and well-being of our clients’ pets.

If you would like more information about Emmi-pet or one of Anastasia’s zoom online training courses please get in touch with her on her social media by visiting or by following @thedogtoothfairy on Instagram.

Groom Team England takes Gold at the World Team Dog Grooming Championships

The bi annual World Team Dog Grooming Championships were held on September 25th 2022 in Kortrijk Belgium. Following the postponement of the 2019 event and delays due to the pandemic this is the first championships since 2017.  The event was attended by 16 countries from as far as Brazil and Canada and is organised and hosted by the European Grooming Association.  

Groom Team England has attended every event since 2007 with a highest previous placing of 3rd in 2009. A team of 6 including Captain and reserve attended the event, sponsored by Simpsons Grooming Supplies and uniforms supplied by Artero. They travelled via ferry and car with their dogs to compete at the main event in the grooming calendar supported by Groom Team committee members and English groomers.

The competition is split into 4 categories of different grooming styling and techniques and was judged by an international panel of 6 judges .Points are awarded for each groom by 3 judges and then accumulated to ascertain the highest score resulting in placing for six teams.

The team members are:
Captain:  Denise Westbrook
Cheryl Howard representing Pure Breed Scissor with a Kerry Blue Terrier called Gin
Amy Manser representing Spaniel & Setter with an American Cocker Spaniel called Larry
Costin Stoica representing Hand Strip with a Wire Fox Terrier called Lord
Kirsty Young representing Poodle with a Standard Poodle called Ginny
Reserve:  Julie Lalou Simpson

The six placings were:
1st England
2nd Italy
3rd USA
4th Greece
5th Spain
6th Switzerland

Groom Team England is a non-profit organisation funded by sponsorship, founded in 2007 and run by a committee headed by Joanne Angus