Blooming Pet Products has recently added a new product to its digestion range – Gut Health.

Gut Health is a liquid feed supplement made using a concentrated herbal extract containing 14 different herbs to support gut health naturally. The supplement has been created to give cats and dogs a ‘feel good gut’ the natural way, by taking a holistic approach, through supporting the natural balance of the body and the immune system.

“Gut Health has been added to our range to give customers a different way to support the gut health of their dogs and cats,” says David Willey from Blooming Pet Products. “It’s entirely natural and uses herbs that support gut health naturally. Better still, it’s really easy to integrate to the cat or dog’s diet – you just add the suggested amount to his or her food for five days…that’s it.”

Gut Health is available in 100ml bottles and has a RRP of £8.95.

For more information, see or call 01548 531835.