AVID is pleased to announce the launch of a new version of the popular AVID MiniTracker
range of pet microchip scanners, which features BluetoothTM connectivity.
The addition of the BluetoothTM module means that the number can be sent directly to a
device such as a PC, smartphone or tablet. This can help reduce errors when entering
microchip numbers in to a veterinary practice or rescue centre computer system and thus
make the information more accurate.
For example, a rescue centre or veterinary practice which offers reduced cost
microchipping may find that they are entering one microchip number after another in quick
succession and mistyping the digits that they enter.
AVID manages the 24hr PETtrac Database service and through our online registration
services we see errors on a daily basis where a microchip number has been incorrectly
typed. The new scanner will allow the number to be accurately entered and save time in
the process.
This will also assist in reunification of a found pet when used in combination with our free
mobile app, allowing authorised users to search instantly without having to enter the
For more details and pricing please contact the AVID sales team on freephone 0800 652 7
977 or request further information from www.avidplc.com