AVID MicroChips, which manages the UK PETtrac MicroChip Database, is pleased to
announce the launch of a brand new website for registering its MicroChips.
The original version launched a few years ago was well liked by customers, but we felt it
could be improved.
With the rise in the use of mobile phones and tablets, the new website has been designed
to be fully responsive and function well across all platforms, which is particularly useful to
those who don’t always work at a desktop PC.
Compulsory MicroChipping
In 2016 the introduction of compulsory microchipping will affect the information which will
need to be recorded at the point of registration.
The biggest changes relate to MicroChips being implanted for breeders, which AVID are
pleased to say our system can already facilitate.
Simon Clark, manager at AVID Plc, said “We asked users of our website to give us their
feedback, both good and bad, so that we knew where we could make improvements.
Taking all of the feedback in to account and working with the new legislation, we are proud
to have produced a registration system which will build on the success of our previous
“It is important for us to be at the forefront of developments, both in designing our systems
but also in utilising new technologies. We felt it was important to launch the new system
well in advance of the new legislation coming in to force, so that everyone has a chance to
become familiar with it and contact us with any questions.”
“We are pleased to have developed a system which meets our customers’ requirements,
with 100% of respondents saying that they were extremely satisfied with our new system,
in a recent survey about it.”
When A Stray Is Found
The other side to the system is the ability to search for MicroChip details when a stray pet
is found. The latest version of our system will automatically check whether a MicroChip is
registered with PETtrac or an alternative database, by performing a live search against all
compliant databases in real-time.
If a MicroChip is found to be with PETtrac it is then possible to retrieve keeper and pet
details electronically via the website. Of course this is only possible to authorised users
via their secure login.
If the MicroChip is registered with a different database, the contact details will be provided
for that organisation instead.
Try The New System Today
Anyone wishing to try the new MicroChip registration system should visit
www.avidplc.com/done for more information or contact freephone 0800 652 7 977.