Festive season frenzy

The festive season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness. It's also a time when pet owners want their furry family members to look their best. As a dog or cat groomer, this presents a fantastic opportunity to boost your business and provide a valuable service to your clients. To ensure a successful and stress-free festive season, it's crucial to prepare your grooming business ahead of time. In this article, we'll explore essential steps you can take to make the most of this bustling season.

Stock Up on Supplies

Before the holiday rush begins, it's essential to stock up on grooming supplies. Make a checklist of the items you'll need, including shampoos, conditioners, clippers, scissors, brushes, and any specialized products. Ensure that your equipment is in good working condition and consider purchasing backups for items that are prone to wear and tear. Having a well-stocked inventory will prevent unexpected supply shortages that could disrupt your business during this busy period.

Expand Your Team

With the increased demand during the festive season, you may need additional help to keep up with appointments. Consider hiring temporary staff or assistants to ensure you can accommodate more clients. Begin the hiring process early to have enough time to train new employees and make them familiar with your grooming methods and salon policies.

Create Festive Packages

To attract more customers, consider creating special festive grooming packages for their pets. These packages can include services like holiday-themed haircuts, seasonal baths, or even pet-safe dye jobs. Offering package deals is a great way to entice clients and set your business apart during this time of year.

Adjust Your Schedule

The festive season often comes with an increase in grooming appointments. To handle the surge in demand, adjust your grooming schedule accordingly. Open up more slots, extend your working hours, or even work on weekends if possible. This flexibility can help you accommodate more clients and generate additional revenue during this busy season.

Promote Early Booking

To prevent last-minute appointment rushes, encourage your clients to book their grooming sessions well in advance. Send out promotional emails or run social media campaigns to inform them about your festive season packages and the benefits of booking early. Offering incentives, such as discounts or priority scheduling, can motivate clients to secure their appointments ahead of time.

Decorate Your Salon

Create a festive and inviting atmosphere in your salon by decorating it with holiday-themed decor. This will not only get your clients into the holiday spirit but also make your salon more appealing. Simple touches like festive wreaths, holiday-themed pet bandanas, and seasonal scents can help set the mood and make clients feel welcome.

Set Up a Gift Shop

Consider selling pet-related products or gift items in your salon. Many clients are looking for gifts for their furry friends and pet-loving family members during the festive season. You can stock items such as pet toys, grooming tools, festive collars, or even custom pet apparel. A small gift shop within your salon can boost your revenue and make your business a one-stop shop for pet-related holiday needs.

Offer a Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program can be a great way to retain customers and keep them coming back throughout the year. During the festive season, you can offer double rewards points, special discounts, or free services to loyal clients. This not only shows your appreciation but also encourages repeat business.

Maintain Safety and Hygiene

With an increased number of clients and pets in your salon, it's essential to maintain strict safety and hygiene standards. Regularly clean and disinfect your equipment, workstations, and common areas to prevent the spread of illness or parasites. Educate your clients about the importance of pet hygiene and the necessity of regular grooming, especially during the winter months when pets may get dirty more quickly.

Express Gratitude

Don't forget to express your gratitude to your clients for choosing your grooming services during the festive season. A simple thank-you note, a small holiday treat for their pet, or a personalized message can go a long way in building customer loyalty and goodwill.


The festive season can be a wonderful opportunity for pet groomers to thrive and provide a valuable service to their clients. By preparing your grooming business ahead of time, you can ensure a smooth and successful holiday season. Stock up on supplies, expand your team, create festive packages, and promote early booking to accommodate more clients. Consider offering loyalty programs, setting up a gift shop, and decorating your salon to create a welcoming, holiday-inspired atmosphere. Most importantly, maintain safety and hygiene standards to keep pets healthy and happy. With these preparations, you can make the most of the festive season and keep your grooming business thriving year after year.

Waggy Wagon

Sylvie Marks is the owner of Waggy Wagon, a dog grooming salon based in Dulwich, South East London. Sylvie tells us all about her amazing grooming business.

Hi Sylvie! What can you tell me about Waggy Wagon?

Waggy Wagon started out as a Mobile business in 2016. I bought a van and had it converted by Pro Dog Baths.

It started out very busy in the first few weeks, and I was able to make lots of new clients very quickly. In 2019 I, sadly, had to sell my van because of ULEZ.

I started working from home, and I built a salon in my garden. Although initially I was upset about losing my mobile business, I'm now loving working from home! Luckily most of my clients were local, so they just started coming to me. Following this, I managed to keep most of my long-term clients.

My business is built from the love of dogs. I have been a dog lover my whole life but for various reasons, I never had a dog until I turned 40.

At the time, I had just lost my long-term job of 16 years as a gallery manager. Sadly, we lost our home, and I had a small child. Life was very stressful.

I don’t actually remember where the idea came from but one week after losing my job, I was signed up for an intensive dog grooming course, and I have never looked back. My only regret is not doing it sooner!

What would you say is your unique selling point?

My unique selling point used to be about concentrating on nervous dogs that have previously been turned away from busy salons. I am very patient with dogs and I work one on one. And, the dogs seem to relax in this environment. I still kept all my clients from seven years ago and this is one of the many reasons!

What can you tell me about how you trained to be a dog groomer?

I trained with Heidi and Christine Anderton at Absolutely Animals in London. I met a lot of amazing people at that course that I still keep in touch with today. It is the best thing I’ve ever done and, as I said, I should have done it a lot sooner.

Do you have any “hidden gems” you’d like to share with our readers?

Because I had a lot of nervous dogs, and I had a diploma in aromatherapy,  I started using essential oils during my grooms. Lavender oil in my burner, to keep dogs calm.

Patchouli oil mixed in with the shampoo, to help with keeping bugs at bay. That led to me making certain products, such as an anti-anxiety spray, a canine shampoo bar and paw balm etc. I used to give them away to my clients at Christmas time as presents!

After a while, they started asking me for it, so I decided to start making them in small batches for retail, hence my secondary business Waggy Essentials was born. It’s a range of natural products for dogs.

What advice would you give to other dog groomers who are just starting out in the industry?

Be patient with your clients, four and two-legged. Be patient with yourself, too!

Don’t rush the grooms, as dogs pick up on your mood and will relax if you are relaxed. And,  do as many seminars, training days and further education as you can, to work alongside other,  more experienced groomers if you have the opportunity. You learn something new from everyone.  Never stop learning!

Are there any general thoughts you’d like to share?

I consider myself super lucky to have found my passion in grooming. Clients trust us with their dogs, who are mostly like family to them. It’s very special, and I never take it for granted.

Working with dogs is an absolute passion., and we are all very lucky to make a living out of something we love. Dogs are the best.

Visit www.waggywagon.com


Rachel Bean catches us up on the latest info, as well as provides some information on trauma and fireworks around canines.

It's been a busy old month, as I was invited to Cyprus to teach life-saving skills to animal charities and pet parents.

The trip was a real eye-opener, and I went to Nicosia to teach a sold-out canine first aid course at the Dog Coach Cyprus facility.

The course, was the same as what I teach in the UK, is designed to give learners the skills they need to react quickly and calmly in a crisis, which can range from a cut paw to a cardiac arrest.

Because my usual stunt dog Chilli could not travel, I was ably assisted on the day by adorable Rico, who helped me demonstrate some of the lifesaving techniques.

A big shout out to Rico, who stood in for Chilli on the day. Chilli usually helps me demonstrate some of the techniques so it was like losing an arm or leg not having her with me, but Rico was an eager and comical stand-in.

The Cyprus trip was wonderful and it was amazing to share my skills with people in a different country.

Everyone was so keen to learn. Just like here, Cyprus has plenty of dog lovers and pet parents, and everyone wanted to do the best they could for their pup.

Now that I am back in the UK, I am back out on the road delivering the iPET Network qualification in canine first aid, as well as sessions for pet parents who do not need a qualification but want to learn more.

The more people that know these skills the better, as you never know what is around the corner. Some of the people who have taken my courses have gone on to save their own pets' lives or the life of someone else's pet. It's really important stuff.

My tip this month is actually a surprising warning, as many of us would not even consider taking our dog to a fireworks display.

But in my practice as a Qualified Veterinary Nurse, I have seen an increasing number of traumatised dogs, who display behavioural issues not dissimilar to PTSD.

This could be down to exposure to environments that have traumatised the dog, and I have to say that even if your dog appears calm at noisy events such as fireworks displays, it does not mean that they are having fun.

Many dog owners prepare for fireworks season and work to desensitise their dog, but for some owners, the dog does not appear to be scared at all, so they carry on with their regular routine. For some, this even includes taking their pet along to fireworks displays.

However, just because your dog appears calm, it does not mean they are not afraid, dogs are people pleasers, and they might be suppressing their fear to be part of their pack.

My advice would be to avoid fireworks displays altogether with any dog, no matter how calm they appear, as it could lead to behavioural issues in the future.

Welcoming a dog into your life is the best thing in the world, but we need to remember that our dogs do not think like we do.

It is our responsibility as pet parents to recognise the signs, and avoid any potentially triggering scenarios, dogs don't enjoy the same things that we do.

To find out more about Rachel Bean go to www.rachelbean.co.uk

Grooming tech

In recent years, the dog grooming industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to advances in technology. As we move further into the 21st century, the importance of dog grooming technology in the industry cannot be overstated. These advancements have not only improved the grooming process but also elevated the safety, efficiency, and overall experience for our furry friends.

The dog grooming industry, once reliant on basic tools and manual techniques, has rapidly embraced technology to enhance every aspect of the grooming process. Today, grooming salons are equipped with cutting-edge devices and software that have revolutionized the way groomers work. From innovative clippers to intelligent drying systems, technology is becoming an indispensable part of this industry.

One of the most significant improvements in dog grooming technology over the past year is the development of precision grooming tools. Modern clippers and shears come with adjustable settings, ensuring groomers can achieve precise cuts for various coat types and styles. These tools not only enhance the quality of the groom but also contribute to the comfort of the dog, as they can work more efficiently and with fewer mistakes.

The introduction of smarter dryers has been a game-changer in the grooming industry. You can adjust the temperature and airflow according to the dog's needs, preventing overheating and reducing stress. Moreover, they are quieter, which helps create a more soothing environment for the dogs. This technology has made drying time shorter and safer, resulting in happier and healthier pets.

Grooming salons have also adopted advanced software to manage appointments, track client information, and even offer reminders for pet owners. Such software helps streamline salon operations, reducing errors and improving customer service. It allows groomers to have a better understanding of each dog's history and specific needs, making the grooming process more personalized.

Technology has not only improved the grooming process but also the way pet owners interact with grooming services. Online booking platforms make it easier for clients to schedule appointments at their convenience, while review websites help them choose a reputable groomer. This increased accessibility to information benefits both groomers and pet owners, ensuring a higher level of professionalism and transparency in the industry.

Ensuring the safety and well-being of the dogs in their care is a top priority for professional groomers. Over the past year, safety features in grooming equipment have become more sophisticated. Tools are designed with sensors that can detect potential hazards and automatically shut off to prevent accidents. These safety features give pet owners peace of mind, knowing their beloved pets are in good hands.

The dog grooming industry has seen remarkable advancements in technology since last year. Innovations continue to emerge, transforming the industry in exciting ways. Here are some notable improvements. We’ve even seen some courses testing out VR, hosting “in-person” classes in a virtual world! As such, groomers can now enhance their skills and knowledge through VR dog grooming training programs. These simulations provide practice  in a risk-free environment, improving groomer confidence and competence.

There are even apps that can monitor a pet's health and well-being, which are becoming more sophisticated. We might see apps that can track a dog's vital signs and provide reminders for grooming appointments and other care needs. This will not only aid pet owners but also helps groomers provide the best care possible.

As we look to the future, the potential for further advancements in dog grooming technology is truly exciting. The industry is constantly evolving, and we can anticipate even more innovations in the coming year.

We may see the emergence of AI-powered robotic groomers, reducing the physical demands on groomers and enhancing the precision of grooming. Additionally, the integration of wearable technology for dogs may provide real-time data on a pet's health and grooming needs, further personalizing the grooming experience.

Overall, the importance of dog grooming technology in the industry cannot be overstated. The advancements over the past year have improved grooming precision, safety, and the overall experience for both groomers and pet owners.

The future of dog grooming technology holds promise for even more remarkable innovations. We can't help but feel excited about what the next year will bring to this dynamic and ever-evolving industry. As technology continues to enhance the bond between humans and their furry companions, our four-legged friends are in for a treat in the years to come.

The Impact of Apprenticeships

The dog grooming industry is more than just a profession; it's a labour of love for those who have a passion for our furry friends. While many people aspire to become professional dog groomers, it's not a career that one can jump into without proper training and experience. This is where apprenticeships in the dog grooming industry play a crucial role.

Professional Training and Skill Development

Dog grooming is a skilled trade that requires in-depth knowledge of various dog breeds, their specific grooming requirements, and the handling techniques to ensure the safety and comfort of the dogs. Apprenticeships offer hands-on training opportunities where aspiring groomers can work alongside experienced professionals. This allows them to acquire practical skills, learn the art of grooming, and gain a better understanding of different dog breeds and their unique needs.

By working in real grooming settings, apprentices can observe and participate in grooming sessions, master the use of grooming tools, and learn the intricacies of bathing, drying, brushing, and styling. This immersive learning experience is invaluable for developing the expertise required to excel in the dog grooming industry.

Building Confidence and Efficiency

Apprenticeships are not just about acquiring knowledge; they also help build confidence in novice groomers. The mentor-apprentice relationship allows for continuous guidance, feedback, and correction of techniques. This constructive criticism and encouragement foster the development of efficient and effective grooming skills.

As apprentices gain experience and learn to handle dogs of all temperaments, they become more adept at managing different situations and responding to the specific needs of each dog. Groomers who have completed apprenticeships are well-prepared to work independently, ensuring the safety and comfort of the dogs while delivering quality grooming services.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

The dog grooming industry is dynamic and ever-evolving. New grooming techniques, tools, and products are constantly being introduced. Through apprenticeships, aspiring groomers are exposed to the latest industry trends and innovations. They learn about the best practices, grooming standards, and health and safety regulations, which are essential for maintaining the well-being of both the groomer and the dog.

Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to stay updated with the latest industry knowledge, ensuring that groomers are well-equipped to provide high-quality and up-to-date services to their clients.

Business Skills and Customer Relations

Dog grooming is not just about technical skills; it also involves interacting with clients, understanding their expectations, and building trust. Apprenticeships help groomers develop essential business skills, such as appointment scheduling, record-keeping, and financial management. Moreover, they gain valuable experience in handling customer relations, which is critical for building a loyal client base.

Effective communication with dog owners is essential for understanding their preferences and providing personalised grooming services. By working closely with experienced groomers during their apprenticeship, novices learn the art of customer service and how to create a positive and professional grooming experience for clients and their pets.

Animal Welfare and Ethical Practices

One of the most significant advantages of apprenticeships in the dog grooming industry is the focus on animal welfare and ethical practices. Apprentices are taught how to handle dogs with care, patience, and respect, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the grooming process. This approach not only benefits the dogs but also contributes to the overall reputation of the grooming salon.

Apprentices are also educated on the importance of proper sanitation, equipment maintenance, and the prevention of cross-contamination. These practices are crucial in maintaining a clean and safe environment for the dogs, groomers, and clients.

Overall, apprenticeships are a cornerstone of the dog grooming industry, providing the necessary training, skills, and knowledge that aspiring groomers need to succeed. Through hands-on experience, apprentices can develop their grooming skills, build confidence, and stay updated with industry standards and innovations. Moreover, they learn essential business and customer service skills, ensuring they can provide high-quality services while maintaining animal welfare and ethical practices.

For those interested in pursuing a dog grooming apprenticeship, there are several ways to find out more information. Here are some steps to get started:

Contact Local Grooming Salons: Reach out to dog grooming salons in your area and inquire about apprenticeship opportunities. Many experienced groomers are open to taking on apprentices and can provide guidance on how to get started.

Online Resources: Visit websites and forums dedicated to dog grooming to find information about apprenticeships, including tips on finding mentors and what to expect during the apprenticeship.

Network with Groomers: Attend grooming-related events, seminars, and conferences to connect with experienced groomers who may be willing to mentor or provide apprenticeship opportunities.

Apprenticeships in the dog grooming industry are a vital step towards becoming a skilled and responsible groomer. They offer the chance to learn from experienced professionals, develop grooming techniques, and gain valuable insights into the industry. For those interested in starting a career in dog grooming, reaching out to local grooming salons, exploring online resources, connecting with industry associations, and attending grooming events are excellent ways to find out more about apprenticeship opportunities and kickstart a fulfilling and rewarding career in this pawsitively wonderful field!

Dorwest Herbs Foundation donates £6000

Launched in 2018 to show commitment to ongoing charitable giving, the Dorwest Foundation helps dogs and cats that are in need of care, health and quality of life improvement as well as supporting dogs that are trained to help humans either in an assistance, rescue or medical capacity.

Dorwest donates to established animal welfare charities on an annual basis through the sales of special Foundation products, Keeper’s Mix® & Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive, with 10% of profit from every sale donated.

This year, Dorwest Herbs has donated £6,000 to charities to support five more amazing charities, including:

Dorset Search Dogs

Dedicated team of handlers, dogs and operational supports assisting the Police, Coastguard and other Search and Rescue teams look for missing persons across the South, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lucky’s Legacy Rescue

UK based volunteers working closely with several animal rescues and shelters across Romania with the commitment to rescue as many dogs from the streets as possible and rehome them into the UK with loving families.

Dogs On The Streets (DOTS)

Voluntary ran and not-for-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community including:, essential items, training, fostering and mobile veterinary surgery.

Forever Hounds Trust

Rescue and care for unwanted, abused or abandoned greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds in any part of the country, with the mission of finding loving permanent homes for all hounds.

The Cinnamon Trust

Specialist national charity which seeks to relieve the anxieties and problems faced by elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, made up of a national network of community service volunteers.

In previous years, the Dorwest Foundation has donated to various charitable causes, through funding, vouchers and products at dog shows and other events, including buying life-saving equipment for animals at local fire stations.

Jo Boughton-White, Dorwest MD comments: “Every day brings new challenges to charities, especially in the last few unprecedented years. This cash makes a real difference and I want to thank each and every one of our customers who have contributed. We hope to help even more dogs and cats going forward, and we send a huge thank you to all those who work in the charities for their endless care.”

For more information on the Dorwest Foundation, visit www.dorwest.com/foundation.

For more information on Keeper’s Mix® & Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive visit www.dorwest.com, call one of the friendly, expert team on 01308 897272 or email info@dorwest.com.

Reference Groomer

Tiffiny Leenderts is a dog groomer and the owner of Brite Barks. Starting grooming in 2012, Tiff shares her story and tell us a little about her newly appointed role of being a Hydra Reference Groomer.

Tiff tells us her story: “I started my grooming career in 2012, straight after leaving school. I did an intense 10-week grooming course, and set up my grooming business when I was 16 from a shed in my mum and dad’s garden.

“I worked in there for five years and, in 2018, I signed a lease on a shop with my sister who is a hairdresser. We then had a lot of work done on the shop to make it two separate shops but under one roof. So, we have a hair salon at the front and dog groomers at the other end, all completely separate but you can have your hair done and your dog groomed at the same time!

“I started dog grooming competitions in 2014 and ever since, have been addicted! I have competed with many breeds such as labradoodles, Lhasa, Mini Schnauzers, Mini and Standard Poodles! I placed many times getting to champion level in handstrip terrier, mini and toy poodle and crossbreed class.

“Becoming a Hydra groomer has had huge benefits for myself and my business, it has given me a huge boost and has really helped get my name out there in this industry. I have met so many people from all over the world who have now become my friends, since being a Hydra reference groomer, I have done many seminars, demos and 1-1s demonstrating Miniature schnauzer grooming, which is a huge passion of mine.

“For dog groomers all over the country and educating groomers about the importance of good quality products (Hydra) how they will benefit from using them and help with their everyday grooming, to being able to do seminars has always been a dream of mine.

“So, I am extremely grateful to Hydra for making this dream become a reality. I have also learnt a lot since being on this journey, You never stop learning in this industry!

Since becoming a Hydra Reference Groomer, it has also taken me to some great places! I was lucky enough to go to Zoomark in Bologna, Italy, one of the largest pet care and pet food exhibitions.

“It was a great experience and I had the pleasure of meeting the owners of Hydra (Pet Society) Marly and Luciano. Whilst we were there, Marly and her team promoted me to Hydra Reference Groomer, which was an amazing experience. Something I’ll treasure forever.

“I then went to Groomania in Belgium this year which was my first time competing abroad! I had the chance to work on the Transgroom stand with Hydra on the Sunday, another amazing experience meeting more groomers from all over the world. I was also lucky enough to meet and work alongside William Galharde, an incredible dog groomer and beautiful person. We have more exciting trips planned for the future, which I am super excited about. Watch this space!

“I say it all the time, but it really is an honour to work with Hydra. My career has gone from strength to strength since being on this journey and I have met some incredible people in this industry, I will forever be grateful to them and Redcape for making my dreams become a reality.” Finished Tiff.

Jeremy Stamper, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hydra, commented the following: “We are very excited to have Tiffiny join our global team as a Hydra Reference Groomer. We created the Hydra Reference Groomer program as a way to uplift and celebrate industry professionals that we feel embody a point of reference for technical skill, professionalism and passion for growth and innovation in the pet grooming industry.

“Tiffiny is a wonderful example of all of these characteristics, and we are so happy to have her as a part of our global team.”

Simon Cheung, one of the directors of Redcape, shares his thoughts on Hydra Reference groomers: “Since introducing Hydra to the UK some five years ago, we have established Hydra as an outstanding quality product at a very reasonable price.

“When searching for our Hydra Reference groomer, we felt it was important to maintain the core values and culture of Hydra to be part of the Hydra family, we felt Tiffiny ticked all the boxes and she very quickly advanced from Hydra Groomer to the elite Hydra Reference groomer position, we are proud she is now part of the Hydra International team of exceptional groomers who share their knowledge with each other to support other groomers.”

Follow Tiffiny on Instagram at @Tiffinyleenderts_hydragroomer

Charity appeal

A London animal charity appeals to people to reject the stigmatism of bull breeds as a five-year-old dog still seeks a forever home after 11 months and risks spending Christmas without a home to call his own.

A London animal charity is appealing to members of the public to judge every dog by their personality rather than breed.

The message comes as Mayhew urgently appeals for a forever home for the longest-staying rescue dog, five-year-old American Bulldog, Zeusy, who has been at the Kensal Green animal rescue charity for 11 months now. Zeusy was first spotted tied to a lamp post in North Wembley on 25 January by two concerned passers-by who calmed him and after having carefully untied him, took him to the nearby Mayhew charity.

When Zeusy first arrived at Mayhew that night, his initial response to the animal welfare team was one of fear and anxiety manifested by his barking and growling. An examination by the Mayhew veterinary team indicated that he was in good health overall and despite being microchipped there was no response to outreach attempts to the named previous owner.

As Merryn Walker, Mayhew Head of Kennels, Dog Adoptions and Fostering explains, “Zeusy is of those sad stories you read about over Christmas. When Zeusy came to us, he was clearly terrified and traumatised after having been left tied to a lamp post on a cold January night, we have no idea how long he had been left there and it is only thanks to the concerned people who spotted him that he is with us today. Who knows what could have happened to him otherwise? As we have been unable to contact the owner, we have no history whatsoever about Zeusy which would be incredibly useful for us.”

She continues, “Zeusy is a lovely affectionate and intelligent dog who just needed the right support and training.”

Support from dog behaviourist Beverley Saucell

In order to fully understand and address Zeusy’s response to new people and situations and in order to prepare him for a forever home, Mayhew Clinical Consult Behaviourist, Beverley Saucell has worked closely with Zeusy to create a training programme to address his associative behaviour or reactions triggered by certain experiences.

As Beverley explains, “Without knowing Zeusy’s history, we couldn’t know what experiences he’d had around people or how much. We could see he was socially motivated but was unsure how to interact.  Our programme was to build Zeusy‘s confidence and help with improving his uncertainty. The main feature of Zeusy’s training was about making it fun. Play was the focus to help him overcome his issues.”

She continues, “We worked on strengthening Zeusy’s bonds with people by giving him choices about approaching. We used rewards-based training by giving him praise, treats and toys when he showed courage when engaging with people.  This then encouraged Zeusy to offer more of the behaviour we were looking for. Zeusy is very trainable and biddable and would do well in a fun-loving home.”

Please don’t judge a dog by how they look

Zeusy has been taught to resist the temptation to follow unwanted behaviour and has focused on positive learning techniques such as how to say “hi” to people by using his nose. This has enabled him to meet people in a controlled yet still positive way.

As Merryn Walker explains, “Teaching Zeusy to say “hi” with his nose is a fun way to bond with him and it’s lovely to see him react like this. He just needs an owner to give him the time and patience he really deserves after having been neglected and abandoned by whoever owned him. We all have different personalities, some of us like to be reserved whilst others like to be the life and soul of the party. Bull breeds have a tendency to be stigmatised from the way they look to how they’ve been portrayed in the media. Please don't judge a dog by how it looks, just like we shouldn’t judge a human by how they look.”

”Zeusy is a smart and loving dog who we hope to find a loving forever home for so he isn't alone this Christmas. That would be heartbreaking for the team at Mayhew. Ideally, we’d like to find him a rural or semi-rural home, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, where he can enjoy his walks in quieter surroundings. If someone feels they could make a difference to a Zeusy, please get in touch with Mayhew.”

If you think you could offer Zeusy a forever home, please contact Mayhew for more information.