Groomers Around The World: Erkin Yiğit

Erkin has been in the grooming industry since 2014 and originally started their journey in Turkey before moving around the world.

What can you tell me about your grooming career?

I started my career as a self-taught groomer. Unfortunately, when I started my journey there were no grooming schools or educated groomers in our country to get a chance to learn.

After getting online education and doing a lot of free grooming, I started working in some grooming salons and kept improving myself. In 2018, I opened my very first salon in Antalya, Turkey. After three and a half years, I realised that staying in the same salon and earning money was not enough for me.

So, I went to Istanbul and stayed there for a year and now I’m working in Alanya. I joined my first grooming competition and took 3rd place with the only standard poodle in the competition.

Besides that, for a few years, I have been traveling all over Turkey and going to dog shows, doing Poodle show haircuts and teaching people. Also, I’m trying to be a responsible Standard Poodle breeder and a great handler!

What can you tell me about grooming where you’re from?

The grooming industry in Turkey was a dreadful nightmare until 2022! We couldn’t even get a slicker brush or were not able to find a sharpener for our blades. You wouldn’t believe how many blades we throw into the trash because we can’t find anybody to sharpen them! Now, thank god, we are able to get professional products.

What differences have you noticed between groomers where you’re from and groomers in the UK?

Because of the economic situation of our country, we are not able to charge what we deserve. When I am having discussions with my colleagues, we are always talking about that. We need to groom two to three poodles so we can buy one blade! UK groomers are luckier than us.

What are some key things that you think UK groomers can learn from groomers where you’re from?

Patience and passion. We are in love with our business and are creating things from zero.

Are there any general thoughts you’d like to share with our readers?

Keep doing what you love! If you do what you love you never need to work. Grooming is a hobby. A hobby that makes us earn our lives. We need to show some more respect for ourselves and our unique works.

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Dorwest Herbs Foundation donates £6000

Launched in 2018 to show commitment to ongoing charitable giving, the Dorwest Foundation helps dogs and cats that are in need of care, health and quality of life improvement as well as supporting dogs that are trained to help humans either in an assistance, rescue or medical capacity.

Dorwest donates to established animal welfare charities on an annual basis through the sales of special Foundation products, Keeper’s Mix® & Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive, with 10% of profit from every sale donated.

This year, Dorwest Herbs has donated £6,000 to charities to support five more amazing charities, including:

Dorset Search Dogs

Dedicated team of handlers, dogs and operational supports assisting the Police, Coastguard and other Search and Rescue teams look for missing persons across the South, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lucky’s Legacy Rescue

UK based volunteers working closely with several animal rescues and shelters across Romania with the commitment to rescue as many dogs from the streets as possible and rehome them into the UK with loving families.

Dogs On The Streets (DOTS)

Voluntary ran and not-for-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community including:, essential items, training, fostering and mobile veterinary surgery.

Forever Hounds Trust

Rescue and care for unwanted, abused or abandoned greyhounds, lurchers and other sighthounds in any part of the country, with the mission of finding loving permanent homes for all hounds.

The Cinnamon Trust

Specialist national charity which seeks to relieve the anxieties and problems faced by elderly and terminally ill people and their pets, made up of a national network of community service volunteers.

In previous years, the Dorwest Foundation has donated to various charitable causes, through funding, vouchers and products at dog shows and other events, including buying life-saving equipment for animals at local fire stations.

Jo Boughton-White, Dorwest MD comments: “Every day brings new challenges to charities, especially in the last few unprecedented years. This cash makes a real difference and I want to thank each and every one of our customers who have contributed. We hope to help even more dogs and cats going forward, and we send a huge thank you to all those who work in the charities for their endless care.”

For more information on the Dorwest Foundation, visit

For more information on Keeper’s Mix® & Keeper’s Mix® Sensitive visit, call one of the friendly, expert team on 01308 897272 or email

Groomers of the Month: Emma Darlington

Emma is a professional dog groomer based in Nantwich, Cheshire UK and recently credited “Asian Fusion Groomer Of The Year 2022”.

Hi Emma. What can you tell me about your business?

I’m a self-employed, competitive dog groomer and I’ve been grooming for nine years! I specialise in Asian Fusion Styling and Teddy Bear styles, focusing on a beautiful scissor finish, cute expressions and angulation. I love working with puppies and ensuring they have a positive experience from the very start of their grooming journey.

I had my own salon for five years however recently have taken a step back and now rent a table within another salon, which I’m very happy with! Alongside working in the salon I also offer training days for other groomers who wish to learn Asian Fusion styling or any other pet styles they might need some extra help with.

My true passion comes from teaching and helping other groomers. I love to encourage new groomers and help them find their feet within this industry.

I also try to attend all competitions across the UK throughout the year. I have competed for seven years and, ever since, I found a completely new love for dog grooming.

I found that there was more to everyday styles and I completely fell in love with competition grooming. My favourite part of competitions is meeting up with my friends who live on the other side of the country!

I have won many 1st place awards in the Asian Fusion classes at champion level, as well as Workshop, also at champion level. I’ve also won Best in Show and Reserve Best in show in 2022.

In 2022 I began hosting and being invited to hold seminars, including The International Grooming Conference! I enjoy teaching groomers how to achieve the “Asian fusion” style but make it adaptable for the commercial grooming salon.

Asian fusion grooming also known as “Asian freestyle” is a unique style that originated in Asia. We aim to create cute styles on dogs that give them a toy, cartoon character or teddy bear look. The popularity of this style has grown massively over the years in the UK. Typically, we like to see a round doughnut muzzle, exaggerated flared legs large expressive eyes.

Customers travel hours to come to visit me for an Asian Fusion groom! Many of my clients have found me through Instagram and will ask for a specific cut after seeing it on my feed. A momentous time in my career was a new client showed me an example of how they’d like their dog to look from a Google image – and the image belonged to me!

This year I have achieved many goals I only dreamt of reaching such as speaking at the International Grooming Conference and winning a Best In Show at a grooming competition! My new goals include competing overseas, continuing to be an educator within the industry and one day becoming a judge at a competition.

What can you tell me about being awarded Asian Fusion Groomer of the Year 2022?

It came as a complete surprise to me. I was nominated amongst women who inspire me and winning the title was something I thought I could have only dreamt of.

It was a very emotional moment for me – I put so much of myself into my grooming work and to be recognised for all that means the world to me. It isn’t handed to you on a plate, you have to work for it and work hard. I’m proof that if you can do that, you can achieve your dreams.

What advice would you like to give to our readers about the grooming industry?

Get yourself out there and compete! It was the best thing I ever did for myself and my career! I’ve made the best of friends and built the biggest support network and my grooming has improved immensely.

Never go with the mindset of “losing” or “winning”. You only need to beat your last groom, if you do that then you’re already a winner. You have nothing to lose but you will gain so much!

Any general thoughts you’d like to share?

This is an industry where we should be lifting each other up and supporting each other. I will always cheer on my friends, even if they beat me at a competition!

I struggle with anxiety and “imposter syndrome”. I think a lot of groomers struggle, which is why we decided to work with animals. However, no one tells you how hard grooming can be until you’re in the thick of it. I have experienced ‘groomer burnout’ and it is tough!

Be kind to yourself, give yourself lunch breaks, find yourself some groomer friends to be able to rant, laugh and cry with and remember it’s okay to say “no” to customers. It may take some time but eventually, you will have clients who respect you, trust you and value your time.

Comparison is the thief of joy – stop comparing yourself to others and focus on yourself. This is your journey! Run your own race and focus on your own goals.

Practice your passion!

Follow @Emmarose_petstyling on Instagram and TikTok and search “Emma Rose Pet Styling” on Facebook.

Introducing Petcover Group

Petcover Group is a specialist, pet-focused insurance provider.  The business currently operates in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Austria, with additional global territories in the pipeline.

Petcover Group has a range of brands in its portfolio, including British Pet Insurance Services in the UK.  The UK business launched in 2018 with the aim of offering a range of quality, affordable insurance cover for pets, pet businesses and pet professionals.

Our pet insurance products offer cover for dogs, cats, horses and a wide range of exotic animals.  In addition, we also offer specialist cover for an array of pet professionals – from groomers, dog walkers, and pet sitters through to behaviourists and trainers, pet taxis, pet boarding service providers, and more...

As pet industry experts, we pride ourselves on creating specialist policies that are designed with pet people and pet businesses - like yours - in mind.  Whether you are just starting out or run an established pet business, there are options for you.  Policies can be tailored to suit your needs and are competitively priced to suit your pocket.

We understand that having the right cover in place is important for your grooming business and your clients. But not all business insurance is the same, and it can be a challenge to know where to start and how to find the best cover to really protect your pet business.

Our core policies can include up to £5,000,000 Public Liability cover and up to £30,000 Care, Custody and Control of Animals - Negligence cover.  A bespoke policy can then be created by selecting relevant optional extras, which means you don’t pay for any benefits that you don’t want.

As well as being competitively priced, policies come with the option of interest-free monthly direct debits, so there’s no need to pay in one lump sum.

Importantly, when the time comes that you need to submit a claim, our team is here to guide you through the process.  We’ll assist with collating the relevant details and submitting the claim, and will keep you updated as the claim progresses.

Get in touch to find out how our pet professionals can help protect your pet business by calling 01444 708 840, emailing or visiting

Terms, conditions and excesses apply. British Pet Insurance Services is a trading name of Petcover EU Limited which is registered in England and Wales under number 10001319. Petcover EU Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 747757.

Rachel Bean Monthly: Traffic accident first aid

Firstly Happy New Year! I think 2022 was the year that things really started to get back to normal a bit in terms of getting out and about. And while there are of course challenges for our businesses going into 2023, I do think that we have a lot to look forward to. - Rachel

Personally, 2022 seems to have flown by, and I have loved getting out to give my Canine First Aid workshops all around the country, and meeting so many new people who are as passionate about animal welfare as I am.

I also co-run a business called Vet on Set, which provides qualified veterinary support to film sets where animals are going to be present. As the film industry gets back to normal, it has been wonderful to see how seriously animal safety is taken in the making of our favourite programmes and being part of that.

So 2023, it's that 'New Year New Me' moment isn't it? And my appeal this January is for anyone who has not yet got their iPET Network canine first aid qualification to get booked in.

Not only does it give you a level of protection where clients are concerned, but it will also help you act safely and calmly should the worst happen, and everyone deserves to feel that way!

Since writing the course I've heard from so many people who not only have saved lives in their places of work but have also saved the lives of their own pets too.

People like dog walker Sammy Feehan, who thanks to her training knew exactly what to do when her beloved childhood pet Georgie suffered a seizure.

Sammy said: "Because of the training I was able to care for him all the way to the vet’s, remembering what Rachel told us, and after some medication and oxygen at the surgery he has rallied around!

"It was such a shock, and I still can't believe that it has happened, but I am so grateful that  I knew what to do. My instincts just kicked in, but afterwards, I realised just how scary it really was and what could have happened.

"For the first three nights after it happened I slept on the floor with him to make sure that he was alright through the night.

"I think it is so important that pet professionals get this training."

This month's canine first aid tip is a bit different to usual, but nevertheless very important, particularly for those of us who have a town centre premises.

What to do when a dog has been involved in a road traffic accident....

Road Traffic Accident

Approach an injured dog carefully and watch for dangers on the road.

Be careful not to aggravate any injuries. It is critical that any bleeding is stopped as a priority, use your hands initially to do this.

Then transport the dog using a blanket or coat to a vehicle and then to the vet.

Monitor the dog for breathing and if the heart is beating. You may have to start CPR.

To find out more about Rachel Bean, and the iPET Network's canine first aid qualification go to

Feline Focus: Add cat grooming to your portfolio

Cat grooming is becoming more and more popular with cat owners realising the many benefits of looking after their cats' coats more.

Not only do the cats look and feel better after removing any knots, but you can help their well-being immensely with something as simple as a sanitary trim for those cats with fluffy behinds who struggle to keep the area clean themselves.

Here, iPET Network tutors and Kat Lady business owner Katie Gwilt gives her top five reasons to consider adding cat grooming to your current portfolio of services in 2023 and how you can do this. By Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty of the iPET Network.

  1. Expand your client base

Who doesn’t want more clients!? There is a lot less competition for cat groomers at the moment as well as there aren’t very many who are trained in cat handling and cat behaviour. I highly recommend studying cat grooming separately as they are definitely not small dogs and act completely differently.

There is a real gap in the market though and having a cat-only day every week or two weeks will fill up fast once word gets out that you have cat experience as well as dogs. I am willing to bet that many of your dog grooming clients also have cats so you already have the client relationship in place before you even start having to advertise.

  1. Learn new skills

Grooming cats uses a lot of basic dog grooming techniques, but the handling skills are completely different. They don’t care if you ask them to sit or jump into the bath. You need to learn to read their body language and facial cues and work with the cat to find a way that works for you both.

You also need to learn how to handle any tricky cats. I work with a strong anti-scruff policy and use towels to wrap cats that tend towards swiping alongside behaviour and calming techniques. Consider grooming on a table, the floor, your lap etc.

Grooming cats will help you really increase your flexible attitude towards grooming all species and adapting the groom for the specific animal regardless of species which will improve your grooming skills across the board.

  1. Flexibility - Cats can be groomed in a salon or as a mobile groomer

Cats are often easier to work with in their own home so grooming cats can work well if you are a mobile groomer as well as based in a salon. I work primarily as a mobile cat-only groomer but teach in a salon as well.

The salon gives you more control over your surroundings but some cats can get very anxious. Grooming in the client’s home means no dog smells in the salon and fewer changes in their environment. It allows you to have a more flexible approach to your grooming business as you can mix and match depending on what suits you and your staff.

  1. Cats are often overlooked

Many cat owners still don’t realise that cats need grooming too as they spend a lot of their time grooming themselves. Grooming is also a self-soothing exercise and part of social bonding in multi-cat households and feral colonies.

It’s more obvious that long-haired cats will need more help with grooming, but don’t forget about older cats who find those yoga poses cats are famous for more difficult and sick cats too.

Flat-faced brachycephalic breeds also need additional help and are prone to weeping eyes as well as knotting. By adding cat grooming to your services you can make a real difference in a cat’s life just by cleaning their face and trimming their claws to help prevent them getting stuck in furnishings or from becoming ingrown.

  1. Cats are fascinating creatures

Never underestimate the joys of working with cats. Every day I learn something new as a full-time cat-only groomer, behaviourist and holistic therapist. They always keep you guessing and I love building relationships with my feline clients and gaining their trust over sessions.

When you get to the point where they purr and relax in your company it’s the most rewarding part of my job. There is a lot of new research coming out about cats all the time so there is always something new to study which I personally really enjoy too. You learn quickly that cats all have their own very unique personalities and quirks which again is just fascinating.

If you would like to learn more please contact iPet Network which offers three levels of cat grooming courses across the country. I have been teaching their courses from Lynn near Warrington in the North West in 2022 and have found it so rewarding and always love working with new students.

Charity appeal

A London animal charity appeals to people to reject the stigmatism of bull breeds as a five-year-old dog still seeks a forever home after 11 months and risks spending Christmas without a home to call his own.

A London animal charity is appealing to members of the public to judge every dog by their personality rather than breed.

The message comes as Mayhew urgently appeals for a forever home for the longest-staying rescue dog, five-year-old American Bulldog, Zeusy, who has been at the Kensal Green animal rescue charity for 11 months now. Zeusy was first spotted tied to a lamp post in North Wembley on 25 January by two concerned passers-by who calmed him and after having carefully untied him, took him to the nearby Mayhew charity.

When Zeusy first arrived at Mayhew that night, his initial response to the animal welfare team was one of fear and anxiety manifested by his barking and growling. An examination by the Mayhew veterinary team indicated that he was in good health overall and despite being microchipped there was no response to outreach attempts to the named previous owner.

As Merryn Walker, Mayhew Head of Kennels, Dog Adoptions and Fostering explains, “Zeusy is of those sad stories you read about over Christmas. When Zeusy came to us, he was clearly terrified and traumatised after having been left tied to a lamp post on a cold January night, we have no idea how long he had been left there and it is only thanks to the concerned people who spotted him that he is with us today. Who knows what could have happened to him otherwise? As we have been unable to contact the owner, we have no history whatsoever about Zeusy which would be incredibly useful for us.”

She continues, “Zeusy is a lovely affectionate and intelligent dog who just needed the right support and training.”

Support from dog behaviourist Beverley Saucell

In order to fully understand and address Zeusy’s response to new people and situations and in order to prepare him for a forever home, Mayhew Clinical Consult Behaviourist, Beverley Saucell has worked closely with Zeusy to create a training programme to address his associative behaviour or reactions triggered by certain experiences.

As Beverley explains, “Without knowing Zeusy’s history, we couldn’t know what experiences he’d had around people or how much. We could see he was socially motivated but was unsure how to interact.  Our programme was to build Zeusy‘s confidence and help with improving his uncertainty. The main feature of Zeusy’s training was about making it fun. Play was the focus to help him overcome his issues.”

She continues, “We worked on strengthening Zeusy’s bonds with people by giving him choices about approaching. We used rewards-based training by giving him praise, treats and toys when he showed courage when engaging with people.  This then encouraged Zeusy to offer more of the behaviour we were looking for. Zeusy is very trainable and biddable and would do well in a fun-loving home.”

Please don’t judge a dog by how they look

Zeusy has been taught to resist the temptation to follow unwanted behaviour and has focused on positive learning techniques such as how to say “hi” to people by using his nose. This has enabled him to meet people in a controlled yet still positive way.

As Merryn Walker explains, “Teaching Zeusy to say “hi” with his nose is a fun way to bond with him and it’s lovely to see him react like this. He just needs an owner to give him the time and patience he really deserves after having been neglected and abandoned by whoever owned him. We all have different personalities, some of us like to be reserved whilst others like to be the life and soul of the party. Bull breeds have a tendency to be stigmatised from the way they look to how they’ve been portrayed in the media. Please don't judge a dog by how it looks, just like we shouldn’t judge a human by how they look.”

”Zeusy is a smart and loving dog who we hope to find a loving forever home for so he isn't alone this Christmas. That would be heartbreaking for the team at Mayhew. Ideally, we’d like to find him a rural or semi-rural home, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, where he can enjoy his walks in quieter surroundings. If someone feels they could make a difference to a Zeusy, please get in touch with Mayhew.”

If you think you could offer Zeusy a forever home, please contact Mayhew for more information.

Dental Care: Open wide

We speak with Anastasia Waugh, The Dog Tooth Fairy, who tells us all about the world of pets’ dental hygiene.

Anastasia Waugh is an independent Emmi-pet distributor and online Zoom training provider. She has worked for over 26 years in the pet-care industry in a range of different areas various veterinary practices, boarding kennels and even a zoo.

Anastasia worked for many years as a college lecturer teaching Animal Welfare and Management at a land-based college where she also taught dog grooming and managed the college’s busy grooming salon. She then used her skills to create a successful dog grooming business in her local town.

Anastasia has a real passion for animal health and welfare, dental health in particular. For the past four years, Anastasia has spent focussing on ultrasonic Emmi-pet teeth cleaning with dogs in her own grooming salon and seeing some great results. Since becoming a mother in 2020 and Anastasia passed her salon onto her employee so she can work more flexibly around motherhood and pursue her passion for canine dental health.

Anastasia’s advice:

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems experienced by dogs and cats in the UK today. Although awareness of pets' dental health has increased massively over the past few years with the growing surge in pet ownership since the lockdown, it is still sadly overlooked by some pet owners.

Despite all of this raised awareness around pet dental health actual cases of pets suffering dental health disease is in fact on the rise. 80% of dogs have some form of dental health disease by the age of three, this is a major problem for our pets which is often exacerbated by ingredients commercial diets and also a lack of regular preventative dental care.

I have been involved with pets’ dental hygiene for many years, working in a number of veterinary practices where I assisted with dental ops and experienced first-hand the level of dental neglect in some clients, and the severity of dental deterioration. Some dogs would need so many teeth removed and they would be so young. It was really sad to see.

This was also echoed during the years I spent running my own dog grooming salon, where a large proportion of my clients had at least some form of dental health deterioration. The worst case of dental neglect I witnessed was one of my dog clients. Whilst my assistant was bathing her and scrubbing the dog’s muzzle, her decayed molar tooth had fallen out in the bath!

Seeing some of my clients’ dental conditions whilst grooming, I wanted to be able to help keep my clients’ teeth clean and prevent their teeth from getting to the point where they were in so much pain and discomfort.

It was a few years ago at a grooming show I had seen a new innovative ultrasonic toothbrush for pets which helped prevent dental disease while reducing plaque and tartar build-up.

The product was Emmi-pet from Germany. I invested in my first toothbrush and started using it both on my own dogs and also dog grooming clients’ pets’ teeth. I was getting some amazing results and my clients were very satisfied with the new service.

I felt much better as I was finally able to help my clients’ dogs with a simple, non-invasive stress-free tooth cleaning treatment. In my 26 years of working within the pet care industry, I have never seen such a revolutionary product for pets’ dental health.

Emmi-pet works completely silently, 12mm beneath the gum line, using ultrasonic waves to remove all bacteria and impurities, reducing plaque tartar and bad breath whilst increasing circulation and promoting overall gum health.

Dental disease can lead to serious health complications such as heart, kidney and liver failure in extreme cases. I believe, as groomers, we absolutely have a duty of care to our clients and to educate our owners about the importance of pet dental health.

Prevention is always better than curing and, if dental disease can be avoided, then this is a positive thing. With pet dental health month just around the corner next month, there never has been a better time to share this important message.

This could be done via social media posts, leaflets, newsletters and a dental display area within the business premises which is educational and informative, highlighting any products and services you offer for dental care.

Groomers can advise clients about more natural diets and chews that will help the reduction of plaque and tartar build-up on the teeth. Stress the importance of setting up a regular dental care/brushing routine at home from puppyhood and beyond.

You may want to stock some dental care products in your salon. Supplements such as PlaqueoOff Powder and Orozyme Gel as well as natural chews buffalo horns etc.

You may also wish to offer ultrasonic teeth cleaning as an additional service to your grooming business. It’s easy to implement, your clients will love it and it’s a great extra income generator.

It's always important to let your client know if the dog should visit a vet about its dental health. As groomers, it is not our job to diagnose any specific health issues, but when health checking our clients we have a duty of care for the dogs’ health and wellbeing, to inform owners of any health issues we may find and let them know when a visit to the vets would be advisable. Sadly, many owners never actually check in their pets’ mouths or recognise when there is an issue.

The sooner you can implement a dental care routine the better, and this could be introduced with a salon puppy package. Early implementation of dental care either in the home, the salon or both will ensure that plaque and tartar never become established in the first place. Preventative treatment will help avoid costly invasive veterinary dental procedures later down the line.

Clients really appreciate it when you are concerned for their dogs’ well-being and go that extra mile to accommodate their overall dental and health needs by advising on disease prevention.

Because oral health is such a common problem in dogs that is easily preventable, it makes sense for groomers who see dogs regularly to check dogs during these sessions and advise on dental care options available for the dog. Offering extra services such as teeth cleaning will actually broaden a business's client base, as you may get clients booking in for teeth cleaning that would never have booked in for a groom otherwise.

It's important to feel confident about talking about oral health with clients, especially if thinking of offering a teeth cleaning service. I would advise doing a course with a training provider either in person or online.

Completing a training course will give you the confidence to be able to recognise various dental health issues and when veterinary advice should be sought. It will also help you with knowing how to have conversations with your clients about dental health and educating them, as well as knowing how to advertise, market and price your service, also helping you to achieve great results.

With 13 million dogs and 12 Million cats in the UK now, there really has never been a better time to start having important discussions with your clients about their pets’ dental health. We all have the power to change the statistics around pets’ dental health and improve the overall health and well-being of our clients’ pets.

If you would like more information about Emmi-pet or one of Anastasia’s zoom online training courses please get in touch with her on her social media by visiting or by following @thedogtoothfairy on Instagram.

Happy New Year! Essential Five

We here at TGM know how important making those New Year’s changes can be, especially when you’re running a business. It’s a new frame of mind that can set the tone for the whole year, so here are a couple of ideas to get you started!

  1. Fine-tune your needs

The start of a new year is a time to really begin to forward think about where you want your business to go. What sort of image do you want to give? Is there anything that you didn’t do last year that you’d like to implement this year? It’s time for a change, so we recommend taking a minute to reflect and see what needs some invested time!

  1. Research the latest in marketing

Naturally, business and marketing strategies are constantly evolving. You’re going to want to ensure that you’re on the ball and giving your business your all (no rhyme intended!), especially in such a competitive market. Grab a coffee and check out the latest marketing trends to suit your business needs.

  1. Invest in the latest tech trends

Similarly to marketing, technology and social media are always evolving. The start of a new year is a time when you’ll see lots of new business popping up,  as well as product launches and other cool changes to your industry. It might be worth taking a look online to see if your favourite clipper brand has had a special New Year’s launch!

  1. Review your sales targets

Times are changing and, oh boy don’t we know it, so can our economical struggles. In a time where prices seem to be suddenly skyrocketing, it’s of the utmost importance to stay on top of finances. If you can’t meet your sales targets, maybe it’s time to invest in something a little more eco-friendly for your business. See if you can find ways to be in control of your financial situation, setting reasonable targets and goals.

  1. Pre-Spring cleaning

What? You haven’t heard of pre-Spring cleaning!? Well, ok, in all fairness I just made that up… But, at the same time, why not utilise the New Year as a fresh start for your premises? Brush off the duster and dust off your brushes, because nothing will entice some new clientele more than showing that you care about the appearance and hygiene of your grooming salon.