Award-winning Aqueos is upgrading its branding to better showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.

As the trusted maker of alcohol-free disinfectants, shampoos and first aid products for dogs and horses, we aren’t changing anything other than our labels.

Buyers still get the same quality products, but in bolder, brighter packaging that mirrors our hopes for a bolder, brighter future.

Aqueos disinfectant solution is gentle, but effective, using active ingredients supported by the GB BPR Active Substance Review Programme for use with Veterinary hygiene biocidal products. Tested effective to standards EN1276 Bactericidal, EN1650 Fungicidal and EN14476 Virucidal, our disinfectant products kill coronaviruses and they have also been independently tested against ringworm and parvovirus.

Aqueos disinfectant products

• Have less than 1% active ingredient
• Are biodegradable
• Are PH neutral
• Don’t harm plant life
• Use recyclable packaging
• Use shredded cardboard as packing filler
• Are cruelty free
• Are vegan friendly
• Made in the UK

Products include anti-bacterial shampoo for dogs and horses, stable & kennel disinfectants, wipes, hand sanitisers and first aid products.

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