ANITA BAX Poodle  One (Lamb Trim)

Presented by Anita Bax this DVD covers all you need to know for this trim. Pre-bath preparation and clipping, through drying and correct scissoring, to perfect Poms and much much more including  how to deal with teeth, ears and nails..  Anita is indisputably one of the top groomers in the world who has won international top awards including Groomer of the Year, on both sides of the Atlantic and in Europe. Anita also presents two other Poodle dvds the first of which covers  the Puppy Pants and The Continental trims ,  and the other the Full Lion and the T-trim.    Duration 1hr. 30 mins plus.

DVDs are available on line at at the special reduction price of 20% available to readers of Total Grooming.   CODE:  TG1013