Fiona Avagnana with her award.
Fiona Avagnana with her award.


Launched in 2011, Animology’s International Groomer of the Month is the world’s largest competition of its kind and forms the most comprehensive reference library of grooms anywhere online. Hosted on the Animology Facebook page, groomers enter AIGOTM to showcase their talents to the 10,000 followers on the page and also because their customers love to see their four legged friends competing in an international competition.

In addition to providing groomers from around the world with a chance to compete on an international scale from the comfort of their own salon, the competition also raises a considerable amount of money for animal related charities globally. Each month, the competition has two winners; International Groomer of the Month & People’s Choice Groomer of the Month. The winners are presented with a framed certificate and rosette along with £150 to donate to an animal charity of their choice.

Since the competitions launch in 2011, Animology have donated a staggering £10,000 to 68 charities in countries as far as Australia, India and the USA!

The competition is hosted on the Animology Facebook site  and to enter, all you need to do is send your before and after pictures either to the Facebook site or to The competition is judged by some of the world’s finest groomers including Lisa Leady and Jitka Krizova and winners are announced at the beginning of each month.

For the rules for the competition please click the below link to find out more.