The Animology Grooming Championship has been held in Slovakia for a second successive year.

Following the huge success of last year’s inaugural Animology Grooming Championship, which was held in Nitra, Slovakia, the event was recently held again, this time in Dunajska Lužná, just a few miles from the Slovakian capital Bratislava.

Heralded as a great success, the event was attended by groomers not only from Slovakia, but also from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Poland.

Judging the event were Rony de Munter from Belgium, John Avery from the UK and Stelmach Zsygmunt from Poland. Director of the event was Jaroslava Fekiačová and presentations and translations were provided by Groom Team England’s Jitka Križová.

The event was organised by Petpark, the sole distributors of Animology products in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in association with the Professional Dog Groomers Of Slovakia and marked another milestone in the development of the Animology brand in those markets, where it has enjoyed great popularity since it was launched in 2010.

Winners Of The Poodle Class, Animology Grooming Championship, Slovakia 2013

The event comprised four competing categories and a “beginners” category. The results were as follows:

Class 1 – Poodle:

1st place: Lucia Sládeková (SR)

2 Rank: Margit SCHÖNAUER (A)

3 Rank: Edita Kralove (SR)

Class 2 – Terrier / Miniature

1 place: Andrea Skržeková (SR), Irish Terrier

2 place: Margit SCHÖNAUER (A), Irish Terrier

3 place: Zuzana Thaiszová (CR), Airedale Terrier

Class 3 – Spaniel / Setter

1 place: Krisztina Poschenrieder – Molnar (PL), English Setter

2 place: Monika Luptáková (SR), an American Cocker Spaniel – Black

3 place: Lucia Solárová (SR), an American Cocker Spaniel – white / golden

Judges of Animology Grooming Championship, Slovakia 2013

1 place: Sonya Heldová (SR), Black Russian Terrier

2 place: Anna Kulichová (SR), Bedlington

3 place: Adriana Hegedušová (SR), Bichon Frise

 Category Beginners:

1 place: Oktawia Swiedziol (PL) Bedlington

2 place: Šubertová Petra (SR) Irish Terrier

3 place: Vanda Plavinová (SR) Bichon Frise

Martin Breen, Sales Manager for Group55, the company behind Animology, said:

 “We were delighted to be able to support this event for the second successive year, which was really well supported and thoroughly enjoyed by all of those who took part.

 Animology has enjoyed great success in Slovakia and the Czech Republic since it was launched, and the products are now sold by the major pet product retailer there, however it remains very much a “young” brand, having only been in the market there for a couple of years or so.

 In a similar vein, grooming in Slovakia is a young and growing industry, and there is a very natural fit in Animology helping to support and develop this event for groomers, who in turn then have an opportunity to become better acquainted with Animology products”.