This joins our Grooming for excellent range.  It is a beautifully luxuriant shampoo. As with most of our range it is super concentrated, dilute 15:1. The benefits of this shampoo are that it contains our own HyperCoat Prime, which is a cold pressed hemp seed oil boosting 87% Omega Oils.  As well as feeding this oil it has great benefits to the skin when used externally too.  It is very gentle on the skin, soothing and enriching the skin and coat.  It has natural antibacterial properties as well as giving a great clean.  It will condition the skin and coat with our softening a naturally harsh coated dog.  It is available in sizes 250ml, 1lt, 2.5lt and 5lt.  Coming in the next few weeks is also a HyperCoat Prime cream, perfect to apply to dogs with a skin irritation, rash or on yourself.

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