Ancol and Birmingham Dog’s Home have collaborated to produce videos full of advice and tips to help dog lovers get the most out of their Ancol products. As Ancol have a wide range of quality pet products, the videos range from fitting a dog collar and harness correctly to grooming and bathing tools, between visits to the salon, which can help owners bond with their dogs if used in the right way.

Filmed at Birmingham Dog’s Home, the videos are presented by Rachel Frost, Birmingham Dog’s Home’s Community Fundraiser, who shares her valuable knowledge about dog care and her enthusiasm for the products.

She said ‘I had a wonderful time filming the videos in partnership with Ancol. Having the use of exceptional products to explain basic and technical aspects of dog care has made it much easier to plan and film instructional videos. The dogs have loved being the centre of attention and, as the Canine Carers are often asked about fitting a collar or choosing the right brush these videos will be a really useful reference for us ’

The dogs featured in the videos are all friends of Ancol and Birmingham Dog’s Home Staff. Starring in several videos are Chief and Reeva who are Rachel’s own Bullmastiffs.  Reeva, a previous resident of Birmingham Dog’s Home was part of a litter born at the home when her mother was found abandoned. Her vitality and on-going health are a credit to the hard work the charity does on a daily basis.

During the day’s filming Ancol Director Sarah Lane was introduced to current resident Cammie. Sarah said ‘It was heart-warming to meet Cammie, who came into the home and has recently been bred from. She is an example of the care the home’s passionate staff gives to every dog they look after. Cammie is a lovely friendly girl and we can’t wait for her to find that forever home that she truly deserves.’  If you can offer Cammie a new home please call 0121 643 5211 for more details.

The new videos will be a wonderful resource to help our customers get the best from their Ancol Products. They will be added to Ancol’s current collection of helpful product videos on YouTube, which have amassed thousands of views and been shared by other channels.