Aesculap Liz Paul Awards

In the latest issue we mentioned in our News section that the Gala will include presentation of the annual Wahl UK Liz Paul Awards,  This is incorrect the Awards are sponsored by Aesculap.

We will be presenting the annual Aesculap Liz Paul Awards at the Gala Dinner Saturday evening, April 26.

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW OPEN. Please only enter one name in each field – if you don’t have a nomination in a particular category, just write NA.

Please submit only ONE set of nominations. Also note that nominations for Colin Taylor will NOT be counted EXCEPT in the Product Category – because Colin isn’t actually a product (yet). Nominations will CLOSE on 31 March 2014. We will then list the top nominees and open up voting on April 1st. Please make sure you have subscribed to Master Groom News on the right-hand side for all announcements!