Over the course of the pandemic and lockdown, the number of people owning pets has risen significantly in the UK. The Pet Population Report 2021, states that over 17 million households now own pets – with a huge 12.5 million of those households having a dog*.

We care deeply for our pets, they truly are a part of the family, but there can sometimes be a knowledge gap when it comes to fueling our furry friends. How much do we feed them? when do we need to feed them? and most importantly…what do we feed them?

Pet food experts Inspired Pet Nutrition (IPN) have helped develop Harrington’s Advance Science Diet, which provides a perfect balance of nutrition for your four-legged friends. The diet is also endorsed by Yorkshire Vet, Peter Wright and is naturally enhanced for the health and wellbeing or your furriest family member.

Not only does it cater to your pets’ insides, but with a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 oils, your dog’s coat and skin will be healthy and shiny. These Omega oils come from the raw materials in the salmon oil and chicken fat.

Maintaining and caring for your dog’s mobility is key to a healthy and happy animal. A large percentage of dogs in the UK suffer with problems such as arthritis and mobility issues. This is not just limited to older dogs, but dogs of all ages**. The Advanced Science Diet includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which comes from the Premium Vitamin and Mineral supplement. These aid mobility by supporting cartilage development, and also block certain enzymes from damaging existing cartilage, while supporting joint fluid to help with lubrication. Both work together to help minimise pain and inflammation.

Changing food can be upsetting for your dog’s stomach, but with the Advance Science Diet, it includes freshly prepared animal ingredients, with over 70% single animal protein sources to help minimise sensitivities that pooches can have to certain proteins.

It takes into account how active dogs can be, by ensuring there is enough protein and fat so that they’re hitting the ideal energy requirements for the everyday pet, which differs for each dog size.

On top of this, digestion is a big consideration, which always comes when you introduce a higher level of animal protein. To combat this, the Advance Science Diet has added probiotic, Bacillus subtilis C-3102 probiotic. Bacillus subtilis creates an environment which is positive for the beneficial bacteria in the gut. It promotes the population of good bacteria in the gut and reduces the pathogenic bacteria. The result is a healthier gut, and better utilisation of nutrients.

Harringtons has taken this science and nutrition and put it all into a new rage of the ‘Advanced Science Diet Dry Dog Food’, available in 3 sizes, small breed, medium breed and large breed, to cater to all dogs in a delicious chicken and gravy flavour with an RRP of £7.50 for a 2kg bag making it an incredibly sustainable diet for your pets.

Sarah McNamara who is a Pet Nutritionist at Inspired Pet Nutrition commented on the range: “We know people care deeply for their pets in UK and want to make sure they are providing them with the best possible diet, and doing so shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s a range and that we’re proud of and a lot of research and hard work has gone into creating it, it is really flexible and made to fit every breed, size and age of dog targeting the inside and out, from gut to coat. With Advance Science Diet, we think we have created something that provides consumers with an affordable solution for high quality nutrition for their pets throughout their entire life.

The best part, it is made by the UKs 1st carbon negative per mood manufacturer using lightweight, low carbon recyclable packaging. So not only will your dog feel good, but the environment will to.

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