79500-79600-pulse-zr-clipper-dblc-in-useHow to extend the life of your clippers and trimmers

Clippers and trimmers are essential tools for pet groomers. Their reliability, performance and precision are vital to deliver the best results, so first it’s important to choose the right brand. With over 90 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of world-class animal grooming tools, choosing Andis is a fait accompli. But, like all working tools of your trade, simple care and maintenance ensures they always perform to their optimum level and it extends their life expectancy! Keeping your tools clean and well oiled ensures the blades remain sharper and it minimises wear and tear on the motor and blade drive to deliver service you can depend on year after year. Andis Education Manager Megan Mouser shares valuable tips on how to take care of your grooming tools.

3-Steps To Clipper and Trimmer Perfection

Andis has developed a simple 3-step approach to daily maintenance. Follow these simple guidelines and your tools will always be your best friend!

First, remove excess hair away from the blades using a clipper brush. This unclogs the blades and preps them for disinfecting and lubricating. “If you don’t remove heavy buildup, the disinfectant and blade oil will not disperse properly,” says Megan.

12263-cool-care-plus-can-straightNext, clean and cool the blades. Andis Coolcare® Plus 5-in-1 multi-action spray cleans, disinfects, lubricates and prevents rust, whilst and its comfort tip nozzle sprays hair out of the blade teeth. “Cleaning during grooming cools the blades and keeps them free of obstruction; cleanliness is also important for hygiene,” adds Megan.

Tools should then be cleaned and lubricated routinely between each client. Andis recommends its 5-point oiling process: 3-drops across the blade teeth and one across each back rail. Additional lubrication may be needed for particularly difficult grooms on large breeds. Megan explains: “When a customer experiences a problem with their tool, the vast majority suffer from inadequately lubricated blades.

Regular oiling easily prevents this and ensures clippers and trimmers always perform to their andis-oilingoptimum, and it creates a quality groom. In addition, if you experience a noticeable change in the sound or speed of your clipper blade while grooming, it’s probably time to replace the blade drive – it’s easy to do!”

Always Groom For Improvement

With the daily demands of grooming, clippers and trimmers need to be robust and capable of withstanding hours of continuous use. Andis has developed world-class products and earned a global reputation in animal grooming. “We’re continually innovating and pursue excellence in all we do,” says Karen Formico, VP of Marketing for Andis.

“Our refinement of products ensures we offer the best quality, precision tools to groomers but it’s important to take care of those tools on a daily basis as well. Good care extends their life and performance quality, and protects the groomer’s investment in the best!” The ongoing quest for unrivalled grooming tools is evident with Andis’ latest offering, the Pulse ZR™, which performs just as impressively as it looks.

79500-pulse-zr-detachable-blade-clipper-dblc-basePowered by a heavy-duty lithium-ion battery, this cord-free, ergonomically engineered detachable blade clipper provides groomers the freedom to work for up to 2-hours on a single charge without power or performance degradation. Its textured surface provides a sure grip and it powers effortlessly through every grooming challenge, with 5-speed settings delivering a stroke range of 2,500-4,500 per minute. The Pulse ZR includes Andis’ top-of-the-line CeramicEdge® blades that run cooler and stay sharper longer!

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