They’re cute, sometimes fluffy (and smelly), and bring smiles to many people around the world. Yet looking after someone else’s pet can pose risks to you and your business.
As a pet care business you have a responsibility to look after a much loved four-legged addition to a family. Because of this strong emotional bond people have with their pets, they expect that whomever is entrusted with their pet’s care is adequately qualified and responsible. Putting a lot of pressure on the care you provide.
There are many issues a pet care business will face, but they can be managed. By remembering these 5 points you can protect yourself and your business from risk, so your business stays happy as Larry…or Spot, or Dotty, or Chip…:
1. Put contracts in place – Before caring for people’s pets, you should ask them to sign a contract detailing your policies and care provided.
2. Develop a risk management plan – Putting a risk management plan in place will give you a clear understanding of the potential risks associated with each animal and task.
3. Comprehensive training – In order for you to give the upmost care, you should make sure all employees attend the correct training.
4. Join a credited organisation – consider joining an organisation such as the Pet Federation as joining a national organisation lends credibility to your business.
5. Robust insurance – The right form of cover for your business can provide you with essential liability protection.
Pets are commonly seen as cherished members of the family, and as a pet care provider, you are responsible for their health and safety while in your care. With the proper risk management practices, you can ensure the safety of your animals and the success of your business. For more information visit