We’re not mindreaders (I think) but one thing that we can most certainly do is take a look at the trends from the previous year and see how much things have changed compared to what we can expect from 2023.

To kickstart off what we think will be an ongoing trend in 2023, first, we need to reflect and take a step back to examine what happened in 2022, the hottest Summer on record aside!

In the January 2022 issue of Total Grooming Magazine, Sue Corfield spoke with Jitka Krizova of Vita Canis to talk about how you can introduce effective New Year’s Resolutions into your grooming business.

We think that a lot of you took to this and, hopefully, it worked out for the best! We’re not here to strictly talk resolutions, however. We’re here to discuss what you should potentially be on the lookout for during the course of the next year.


COVID restrictions are looking to be dying down even more across the board. This doesn’t mean you can let your guard down with health, safety and hygiene, however. If we’ve learned one thing from the pandemic it’s that keeping things clean, tidy and sanitised is one of the biggest contributing factors to running a business.

You all know this, but just because things are easing up year by year, it doesn’t mean that hygiene should play any less of an important role in your grooming business.


Speaking of COVID, do you all remember when you couldn’t even go to the local supermarket, let alone a huge industry dog grooming show? We’re predicting that events will be on the up, with a bunch of new ones popping up including the new, in-demand GroomFest South on April 16th at the South of England Showground in West Sussex.

It’s going to be one to keep an eye on, so be sure to visit groomfest.co.uk to register now.

Pet health

Something that we’re noticing more and more in the grooming industry is that people are always taking a bigger interest in their pets’ health. Some grooming salons even have on-hand vets to handle health conditions which may need a little more expertise.

This could be something incredibly valuable to add to your business, if you speak with the right-minded professionals who can lend a hand with info, of course.

High standards

Pet owners, as they do, want only the best for their beloved pet pals. That being said, it can lead to them wanting nothing but high-end products and services. Been thinking about upgrading your tool belt for a while? Well, maybe now is the time!

In a time where “shareability” is a word that is used in a business sense, using the best tools and making yourself look the part are vital to business growth. Especially in 2023.

Pet ownership is increasing

On an upwards trend, as it has been for a while now, more and more younger people are investing their time into owning pets. Whether it’s a family choosing a furry, four-legged friend to help raise their little ones or a single person in their twenties with a cat who runs their flat, there is no doubt that we’re seeing a rise in pet ownership across the board.

There has never been a better time to be a dog groomer, so be sure to invest time and effort into your business. Demand is seemingly forever on the up, so you should be the one to supply what’s needed.

Going eco-friendly

Something that has caught the eyes of millions is how eco-friendly a brand or business is. We all know people who have boycotted places for being wasteful or unwilling to make a positive change.

2023 will be no exception to this and I’m sure that we’ll see an even wider spread of environmentally friendly values to accompany our businesses. Stay up to date with the latest eco-info!

Final thoughts

As someone who isn’t a pet groomer, but finds comfort in speaking with dozens of them on a day-by-day basis, I can only say that the best thing to do is to keep on doing what you love.

If you truly have a passion for the craft that is pet grooming, then that will only lead you on a positive path and drive you to constantly strive to be better, not just for you, but for your clientele and animals alike.

Follow the trends, stay up-to-date with the latest info and give our non-human companions the best experience that you can.