HILTON HERBS is pleased and proud to have been presented with the 2013 Marketing & Promotion Award at the annual Somerset Business Awards dinner which took place on Thursday October 24th at the Westlands Leisure Centre in Yeovil, Somerset.  The award, presented by Alice Driscoll of sponsors ADPR, was accepted on behalf of the Hilton Herbs team by Martin Brooks and Allie Tayler (pictured).

Heather Giles, Marketing Manager at Hilton Herbs, was unable to be present at the ceremony but expressed her particular pleasure saying “This award means a huge amount to me personally and I hope it will give encouragement to other small business as it proves what can be achieved by a small dedicated team with limited resources, but with unlimited enthusiasm and imagination.  I would also like to thank local businesses Quantock Design, Just Add-Print, Iconography, Advent Print, and Lam-Art, who are an integral part of our marketing support team.”

Hilton Herbs would also like to thank the Somerset Chamber of Commerce for their continued support for local business and also to Alice Driscoll and ADPR for their sponsorship of this award.